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KC-135 RTIC photo

2019 Aviation Week Laureates Award

Congratulations to #ANG and the A5 Plans and Requirements team for winning the 2019 Aviation Week Laureates Award for Defense Electronics/Avionics and the KC-135 Real-Time Information in the Cockpit (RTIC) Program. “A major survivability upgrade for the U.S. Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve KC-135 tanker fleet will be fielded years faster and millions of dollars cheaper thanks to an innovative acquisition approach leveraging an already certified situational-awareness upgrade and government-owned software.”

The innovative acquisition approach saves time and money by integrating three existing government owned designs:
– The RTIC hardware/software architecture from the ANG C-130H;
– KC-135 UHF SATCOM component mounting and antenna designs;
– KC-135 Roll-on Roll-off Beyond Line of Sight Enhancement (ROBE) Ethernet/display power and antenna designs;
– Government-owned software Tactical Air Mobility Software Suite (TAMSS)

This approach also supports more rapid software updates, common training syllabi for Air Mobility aircrew, and long-term sustainment savings.

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